How to cultivate vines in Japan

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How to cultivate vines in Japan

How to cultivate vines in Japan 8th October, 2018 by Patrick Schmitt

Japanese viticulturalists face some of t he most challenging conditions for vine growing in the world, but they have developed some characteristically novel ways to deal with them.

General manager of Suntory’s Tomi no Oka winery, Fumio Shonai

As I wrote last week in an introduction to the Japanese wine scene, for the most part, the country’s vineyards are found in a sub-tropical environment, marked by summertime rains that conflict with the growing season, with associated problems of rot and swollen berries.

But the producers’ response to such a challenge sets new standards for precision viticulture. Nothing, it seems, is too much trouble for the Japanese vineyard manager.

And, over the following pages, I have compiled some of the techniques used to tackle the climatic challenges â€" which could be a source of ideas for vineyard management elsewhere, even if you don ’t face such humid conditions.

Source: Google News Japan | Netizen 24 Japan

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